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A Painters Direct And Stucco

Company: A Painters Direct & Stucco

Services:  Painting & Stucco Coatings

Phone:      204.956-4621
Address:  58 Laurel Bay, Winnipeg, MB.

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Painters Direct is a fully licensed  bonded, insured company and is a 100 % Locally owned Company. Painters Direct was founded in Winnipeg,Manitoba by owner/president Douglas .E. Prins in the spring of 1998. We are a dependable, full service, high end company with a growing reputation as leaders of the painting and stucco sector.With 1000's of satisfied customers, we have become highly recognized as "the company that specializes in insulative stucco coatings". Whether it be a small bungalow or a sprawling commercial building, we are equipped and ready to complete the project at the highest level of quality standards.
We start with the right price,work with the right team and complete right on time!




1. Insulating Coatings
2. Waterproof Coatings
3. Elastomeric Coatings
4. Stucco, paper,wire, finish coat any style
5. Stucco repairs/loose, broken, missing and cracks.
6. Painting/all aspects
7. Power Washing / Cleaning Services
8. Repaired / replaced rotten woodwork
9. Remove / fill windows
10. Remove/replace   
11. Fixtures,events,spouts,awnings
12. Complementary touch up kits and paints.


When it comes to stucco repairs, experience is the main factor. But you also need that special/magic touch to make the area repaired truly undetectable. Use of preparation products such as bonding agents, elastomeric sealants , ty-vek paper and wire are essential. At painters direct, our goal is perfection. When only the best will do, contact painters direct. We can match any style and colour.

*Broken, loose, missing stucco
*Downspout holes
*Window/door fills
*Dormer flashing
*Coloured stucco
*Painted stucco
*Interior stucco/plaster
*Everything stucco


Hiring painters direct means extra precautions will be taken to protect your property.A professional staff of painters will properly prepare surfaces first,and cover and protect the areas not being painted.We thoroughly cleaned up each day and apply products according to the industries highest standards.
*Drywall taping and repairs
*Texture ceilings and repairs
*Staining and finishing of woodwork
*Decorative faux finish
*Airbrushing/custom murals
*Color consulting
*Doors and windows
*Kitchen cabinets
*Baseboards, crown molding and other trim moulding
*Staining and finishing or the new or existing woodwork*Cabinetry
*New cabinets
*Entertainment systems
*New windows and doors
*Stripping and refinishing
*Rag rolling 
*Airbrushing/custom murals
*Patina tuscany


We know how difficult it can be to choose paint colors for your project. If selecting the right color scheme has become a burden or if you have like a professional opinion, we can help. We have been some colour consultation to completion thousands of times. We have several different options to choose from… Contact painters back for more details.

*We offer a full line of paint colours

*ICI paints

*Sherwin Williams paints

*Cloverdale paints

*General paints

*Benjamin Moore paints


Whether you have a sprawling Estate or a modest bungalow, Painters Direct guarantees the highest measure of quality craftsmanship. All painted or stucco surfaces will be properly prepared and cured before applying any finishes. We will also use products and complete our jobs according to manufacturers guidelines.

*Complete exterior home painting and repairs.

*Complete exterior home stucco and repairs.
*Application of insulating coatings .
*Application of waterproof coatings .
*Staining,finishing of all natural wood services.
*Cinderblock,Brick, metal, steel, sealers and finishes.
*Related repair /replacement services.
*Complete exterior and repairs.
*Stucco repairs, loose, broken missing and cracks.
*Cinderblock, brick and concrete.
*Siding/Woods, composites and vinyl.
*Doors and windows and frames.
*Fascia, soffits and eves.
*Wood and vinyl shutters.
*Architectural woodwork.
*Text, railings and patio covers.
*Pressure washing and cleaning services.
*Mould and mildew removal.
*Remove loose paint and stains.
*General cleaning of surfaces.
*Complete stripping and staining.
*Refinishing with high quality finnish.
*Metal finishes.
*Wrought iron.

Stucco Coatings:

Painters Direct sets the industries highest standards, when it comes to stucco coatings.

We have more than 15 years experience with insulative, waterproof coatings and repairing stucco. With over 1000 completed projects it´s safe to say we are leaders of stucco coatings in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. When contracting Painters Direct, you will receive the following.

1. A price that does not charge at the end of the job.

2. Accurate start/finish date 

3. Power wash of all stucco services

4. Repair All Stucco loose, broken, missing and cracking stucco.

5. Call all window and door frames where needed.

6. At two coat application that meets manufactures guidelines 

7. A thorough clean up of the job site

Our services also include a full examination of your building or home. This will allow us ti correct any structural issues, such as loose stucco, framing or condensation problems. This will happen prior to any application of products. When contracting Painters Direct you will also receive an expert color consultation. This will not only ensure your home investment will stand the test of time, it will also ensure that yoour home looks fantastic!. 

General Contractor:

Project Management

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Basement Renovations
Roofing And Eavestroughing
Insurance Claims
Decks And Fences
Doors And Windows
Drywall And Taping 
Interior / Exterior Painting
Elastomeric/Liquid Stucco Coatings; 

Free Estimates.


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